big ask

big ask
Australian Slang
request or expectation of large magnitude which is difficult to fulfil

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  • big ask — UK US noun [S] INFORMAL ► something that you ask someone to do or hope that will happen, but that will be difficult to achieve: »If the operations in Japan are successful, then the business should have a future, but it s a big ask …   Financial and business terms

  • Big Ask Campaign — The Big Ask is a campaign by Friends of the Earth calling for a new climate change law in the United Kingdom and 15 other EU member states. [cite web|url=|title= About the European Big Ask Campaign|publisher=Friends… …   Wikipedia

  • Big ask — request or expectation of large magnitude which is difficult to fulfil …   Dictionary of Australian slang

  • The Big Ask — (Die große Frage) ist eine Initiative von Friends of the Earth aus Großbritannien. Es geht darin um die Aufklärung zum Thema Klimawandel. Unterstützt wird die Aktion von Thom Yorke, Sänger der Band Radiohead. The Big Ask will Menschen aufrütteln… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • (a) big ask — a big ˈask idiom (informal) a difficult thing to achieve or deal with • Beating the world champions is certainly a big ask for the team. Main entry: ↑askidiom …   Useful english dictionary

  • a big ask — ► a big ask Austral./NZ informal a difficult demand to fulfil. Main Entry: ↑ask …   English terms dictionary

  • (a) big ask — Australian a request to someone to do something for you that you know will be difficult for them. It s a big ask but could you feed our cats for the two weeks we re away? …   New idioms dictionary

  • a big ask — used for referring to something you think is going to be very difficult to achieve or succeed in It was a big ask, but in 1964 Fraser became the only swimmer to win the same event at three successive Olympics …   English dictionary

  • ask — ► VERB 1) say something in order to get an answer or some information. 2) say that one wants someone to do, give, or allow something. 3) (ask for) request to speak to. 4) expect or demand (something) of someone. 5) invite (someone) to a social… …   English terms dictionary

  • ask — /ask / (say ahsk) verb (t) 1. to put a question to: ask him. 2. to seek to be informed about: to ask the way; to ask her the way. 3. to seek by words to obtain; request: to ask advice; to ask a favour. 4. to solicit; request of (with a personal… …  

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